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Plant Engineering Consultants, Inc.
High Fidelity Engineering

Specializing in Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and
Process Piping Engineering


“Plant Engineering’s professional staff conducted the potentially disruptive field work without interrupting our tenants’ missions. They arranged their schedules to accommodate the needs of the occupants, ranging from children at day cares to judges in courtrooms. The project went so smoothly that building managers and operations/maintenance staff commented that they “didn’t even know they were there.” I will gladly work with Plant Engineering again when given the chance.”
— Sheila Cross, Project Manager, GSA Rocky Mountain Region

“This is one of the best sets of drawings I’ve seen in 20 years. Not an exaggeration. If, during construction, anyone has any doubts or concerns about what your intent is, it’s because they’re either 1) illiterate, or 2) not paying attention. I’m so impressed by Plant Engineering’s drawings, that I’ve circulated them around the office to give folks a sense of where the bar should be set. Excellent, massively above par work!”
— Tim Kyer, Project Manager, General Services Administration

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