Plant Engineering Consultants

A Word from Our President

Vern Plant (Custom)

It has been my extraordinary privilege not only to have founded Plant Engineering Consultants in Colorado Springs twenty years ago  but to see this firm endure, flourish, and succeed over that time.  In May of 1993 I could only envision an engineering firm that would provide the highest level of service with excellence. Much has changed over the past twenty years, but what has stood the test of time is my commitment to the principles I founded Plant Engineering Consultants upon:

  • Bring together people of character and skill who are determined to exceed the expectations of our clients.
  • Benefit our clients by creating designs and documents that communicate complex engineering information clearly and concisely to facilitate constructability.

What I envisioned in 1993 would never have been achieved without my dedicated team and our valued clients. Whether we’ve had the honor to be of service to you for our entire twenty years in business, or if you are a new friend we have just begun building a relationship with, I thank you!